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The Journey: In Step with God’s Purpose

First Stuttgart’s mission is to “develop fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.” To assist you in your growth as a follower of Jesus Christ and a member of First Stuttgart we have designed a four-part discipleship curriculum called “The Journey: In Step With God’s Purpose.” Each piece of the curriculum walks you through an important “step” on your Journey to begin, belong, believe and become. With each step you will be encouraged to make a personal spiritual commitment.

The Journey: Step 1 is the first of our four-part discipleship curriculum and is required for church membership. Class sessions are one-hour in length and generally held over three consecutive Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. and scheduled as needed. During the three one-hour sessions, you will explore the Mission of First Stuttgart, learn how to begin building relationships in the church, and begin to understand all the benefits and responsibilities of First Stuttgart membership. At the conclusion of The Journey: Step 1 you will have the opportunity to sign the Membership Covenant (link: Membership Covenant), agreeing to hold to and live out the values of First Stuttgart as your own.

The Journey continues with Step 2: Deepening Your Relationship with God, in which we focus on four basic habits, or spiritual disciplines, every Christian needs to deepen their relationship with God in order to grow to spiritual maturity: time with God’s Word, prayer, tithing, and fellowship with other believers. At the conclusion of the session, members are encouraged to sign the Maturity Covenant, a commitment to the disciplines necessary for spiritual growth.

Step 3: Defining Your Ministry in His Family focuses on the five personal factors God has wired into your life that combine to shape the real you: Spiritual Gifts, Heart’s Passion, Abilities, Personality, Experiences. By identifying the specific traits you possess in each of these areas, the ministry God has designed for you will become crystal clear! At First Stuttgart we say, “What God made me to BE determines what HE intends for me to DO.” The Ministry Covenant is a commitment to discovering and using my God-given gifts and abilities in service to God and others through First Stuttgart.

The final piece of The Journey: In Step with God’s Purpose is Step 4: Helping Others Begin Their Journey, which is designed to bring you full-circle by focusing on the most basic element of the Great Commission: evangelism or sharing the Good News with other people. Whether across the street or half-way around the world, followers of Christ are to help others begin a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. At the conclusion of the session, members are encouraged to sign the Missions Covenant, which is a commitment to share the Good News with others.

Four steps, four covenants. We encourage members to sign each covenant because we believe we become what we are committed to. Our desire is that you become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. That’s the Mission of our church. And that’s why we ask you to make a definite commitment with each step of your Journey because making these commitments are important steps on your journey to becoming a “fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.”