Getting Involved

In this area you will discover some practical steps you can take on your journey of becoming “a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ” at First Stuttgart. Each section corresponds to one of our four methods of fulfilling our God-given purpose for the cause of Christ to the glory of God.

  • Lead people to begin a personal relationship with Christ.
  • Encourage people to belong to Christ’s family – the church.
  • Train people to believe like Christ.
  • Challenge people to become Christ-like.

Since you’ve made it this far on the site, we are guessing you belong to one of the following groups of people:

(1) You might be someone who has not yet taken the first step of the journey, but there’s something leading you to continue seeking and exploring what the Christian journey is all about. We believe that something is someone, God’s Holy Spirit, who focuses our thoughts and hearts to Jesus. We encourage you to start with the BEGIN section where you will find the biblical steps to beginning a relationship with Jesus Christ. Spend some time in this section and if you have questions that still need to be answered or you came to realize how awesome God’s love is and you began the journey, please complete and submit the form found at the bottom of the section. Our Pastors welcome the opportunity to respond to you in a confidential and nonthreatening way and walk with you through your next steps in the journey. Feel free to check out the other three sections as well as they contain valuable information you might find interesting and beneficial.

(2) You might be someone who has just begun the journey with First Stuttgart and excited about living your faith to the fullest. If so, welcome to the journey! When you became a member of First Stuttgart, your journey became our journey. We are committed to walking with you each step of the way on your journey to becoming a “fully devoted follower of Christ.” We encourage you to start with the BELONG section where you will find some practical ways of building relationships so First Stuttgart is no longer “that church” but “my church.” The sections on BELIEVE and BECOME are also important for your journey. You will even benefit from refreshing your heart and mind with the BEGIN section. Our prayer is that you will never get over the fact that you are so valuable to God that Jesus died for you!

(3) You might be someone who has recently moved to Stuttgart and in the process of checking out the local churches. Most of us have been there and done that! We encourage you to take your time looking through each of the sections. If you have a non-Baptist background, we encourage you to read carefully the BEGIN section. We are unapologetically evangelistic, believing that God desires to have a personal relationship with every person on the planet and Jesus is the only way for that relationship to occur. We believe that salvation occurs when God and the individual meet. It is not a decision that can be made for you by another person or a group of people. We also believe that salvation is all wrapped up in Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross for the sins of the world. It is not about anything you can do but all about what Jesus has done for you. Our take on baptism can be found in the BELONG section. If you have a Baptist background, we encourage you to start with the BELONG section, especially the expectations placed upon First Stuttgart members and the expectations members can have of First Stuttgart. Not only Baptist churches are alike when it comes to expectations and how they are structured to carry out their God-given purpose. We believe that the best members are informed members!

(4) You might be a member of First Stuttgart eagerly desiring to take your next step in the journey. If so, you will find several exciting opportunities here to strengthen relationships with other believers, learn biblical truth, and apply biblical truth to your life in practical ways through service within the church, within our community and to the people of the world for the cause of Christ to the glory of God! See especially the sections on BELONG, BELIEVE and BECOME.

(5) Or, you might be a member of another church somewhere on this planet looking for ideas for your church website. If so, have fun! Take whatever can help you reach your community for the cause of Christ to the glory of God. It’s not about First Stuttgart; it’s about the Kingdom of God!

The guidelines offered for each group above are simply suggestions to help you easily navigate to the information that we believe would be most beneficial to you. We put a lot of time into each section, so please check them out. As you do, keep in mind that regardless of where you are on your journey, First Stuttgart is committed to pray for you, encourage you, support you and provide the very best opportunities for you to bring glory to God by living the Christian life to its fullest!