Share Your Faith Story

You are a follower of Christ because someone took the time to share with you their faith story – how God’s story and their story intersected. There is no greater joy on the Christian journey than helping someone else begin a relationship with Christ. At First Stuttgart we don’t believe you have to memorize a fancy outline or a ton of Bible verses to be an effective witness for Jesus Christ. Now, those tools are beneficial but all you really need is a heart that’s been changed by the love of God and a desire to see other people experience what you have experienced in Christ. What you will discover is that people are very interested in hearing how Christ is changing your life. Over dinner, having a cup of coffee, playing a round of golf or watching the kids play together in the park are great opportunities of inviting Christ into your conversation with another person. Jesus said, “As you go through life make disciples.”

If you have questions regarding helping someone begin a relationship with Christ, contact one of our Pastors. They welcome the opportunity to speak and pray with you.