At First Stuttgart we believe worship is bragging about God to God. That’s what we try to do each Sunday: make a declaration of His worth to us through music and other media that glorify the Lord. It is through telling God how awesome He is that we are able to truly connect with Him and receive the blessings He has for us.

On any given Sunday we will have multiple generations of people in our worship service, with each generation having its own style of everything including clothes, cars, hairstyles and especially music. Because we desire to lead people of all ages and stages of life to connect with God you never know what style of music you might hear on a Sunday morning. You could hear Country Gospel, Gaither tunes, a traditional hymn, contemporary worship, or an original song someone has written. If it brags on God then we are all for it!

Worship Team

Our Worship Team consists of a great group of people that love to play together and worship the Lord with their talent. Our current instrumentation is as follows: Piano, Organ, Keyboard, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar and Bass Guitar. At this time all positions are filled; however, we would love to know of your musical talents for areas of service in the future. Want to serve in the FBC Worship Band? Let us know!

Worship Choir

Our Pastor of Worship, Scott Quimby is fond of saying: “If you can sing in the shower then you can sing in our choir.” The FBC Worship choir includes people from various ages and stages of life who have one thing in common: they love to help lead the congregation in worship. If you have a desire to sing in the choir, simply come to the next rehearsal and give it a try. There are no auditions; although Scott will need to know your vocal range in order to place you by the right folks. The Choir rehearses on Sunday evenings at 5:00pm in the Worship Center. We would love to have you join us!

Singing a Solo

Although not used in every worship service, soloists are an important component of worship at First Stuttgart. If God has given you the ability and desire to sing or play a solo in worship, you must first schedule a meeting with Scott Quimby, our Pastor of Worship. After listening to you perform a prepared piece, Scott will discuss with you how that song might fit into an upcoming worship service. He might also suggest other songs for your consideration.

The themes for our worship services are planned several weeks and even months in advance which allows Scott time to choose music that complements that theme.

Audio Visual

The audio visual team is composed totally of volunteers. These individuals put in many hours to make sure our services look and sound great.

Areas of service include: Sound Technician, Audio Recording Technician, Camera Operator, and Presentation Software Technician (i.e. Power Point and Easy Worship). Currently each position is filled, but we are always looking for trainees that truly show a desire to minister through technology. (Click here if you have technology ability/experience and desire to use that to help facilitate worship.)